HOA Landscape Maintenance

HOA Full Service Landscape Maintenance & Value Add

Weekly cycle rotations – regular turf maintenance as well as seasonal services like color rotation for flowers, general plant care, pruning, mulching, weeding, and irrigation maintenance. Rest assured your properties will be serviced in a seasonal, timely manner without having to schedule each service date.

  • Regular communication & reporting – we assign our clients a customer relationship manager to be familiar with your property and keep track of your maintenance requests and services. He/she is available to assist you with scheduling adjustments, updates or changes. Each month we supply an irrigation summary which includes run days and times. We can provide full written, photographic and/or video assessments.
  • Board meeting attendance – your customer relationship manager and/or the owner will attend your board meetings when requested
  • English speaking crew leaders – Working team members with a crew leader on-site to oversee all the aspects of the landscaping service
  • Clean, well-marked vehicles & equipment – professional quality mulch-mowing equipment. Our staff uses non-polluting devices like rakes and brooms when feasible. Our owner prefers that blowers and other power equipment are low-decibel, low-fossil fuel consumptions, and low-emissions models.

TURF – We mow with professional quality mulching mower equipment. Pricing includes bagging and removing clippings on a regular year-around basis. Prior to mowing, we remove all litter and debris from lawn areas. Our objective is to maintain a uniform lawn height free from scalping.

TURF FERTILIZATION – We offer fertilization with a well-balanced, slow-release fertilizer as required to provide vigorous deep rooting and healthy green appearance.

TURF AERATION & OVERSEEDING – We aerate 30% of the square footage of turf areas annually each spring. Our objective is to rotate applications to achieve 100% coverage of all turf areas at least every 3-5 years. We overseed immediately after aeration with a quality seed blend adapted to the job site.

THATCHING – In the Fall we offer mechanical thatch removal. This is typically recommended if 30% or more of the turf has thatch build up over one inch. Upon completion, we rake to remove debris. If requested, we can mulch mow to break down debris enough to allow it to stay on top of the turf area as organic matter.

TURF MAINTENANCE – Clippings are swept or blown from hardscapes after each mowing. If an area can’t be reached by mower, lawn adjacent to poles, trees, walls and other obstacles, we will trim to the same height as mowing.  We use herbicides to control noxious and other difficult to control perennial weeds. Upon request, we offer pre-emergent herbicides weekly or monthly.

TREE & SHRUB MAINTENANCE – We use cultural methods to encourage plant health and growth as well as discourage weeds. We keep planter beds and tree wells free of weeds and debris on a rotational basis, typically weekly or monthly throughout the year. Ground covers are trimmed so they meet but do not grow over walkways or outside of planters.  Trees are pruned on a rotational basis appropriate to site, need, season and plant species. Our crew will inspect and adjust tree staking to prevent wind and monsoon storm damage. In the Fall, we can provide autumn leaf removal to maintain a neat appearance and the health of the turf and surrounding landscape.  We offer on-call services for monsoon storm and tree disaster response and can be deployed within hours of your emergency.

TREE TRIMMING & STUMP REMOVAL – We have a team dedicated to tree pruning and trimming as well as a removal crew. We have the necessary equipment to trim tall trees, including large Palms. We offer fertilization, root pruning and installation of new trees. We can remove hazardous trees and limbs along with all the debris. Although tree removal should be a last resort, we offer full tree & stump mitigation in the case of dead or diseased trees.

LANDSCAPE TRASH REMOVAL – We remove all trash from landscaping beds and turf areas to an approved trash container on a weekly or monthly basis. We have a partnership with Poopy-Do waste removal and can install and replenish doggie waste bags in each unit.

IRRIGATION – Our irrigation specialists are trained by Smartscape, a comprehensive, research-based training program specifically designed for landscape and irrigation professionals. Our irrigation specialists offer expertise with the setup, monitoring and maintenance of advanced controllers and irrigation systems. We provide services for two wire systems, decoder installation, decoder testing, troubleshooting and pressure testing. We establish the appropriate time intervals for each valve zone in the irrigation system and adjust during the operating season for peak efficiency and water conservation.

IRRIGATION MONITORING – Our irrigation specialist will inspect irrigated landscape areas once a week or monthly to identify potential leaks and fix or replace misdirected nozzles, broken or damaged equipment, hardscape or building overspray, pressure problems and system leaks. We can flush out lateral lines and adjust heads and nozzles at the beginning of each operating season.  Each month our specialist provides our clients with an irrigation summary report.  We offer backflow readings monthly upon request.

IRRIGATION SYSTEM REPAIR & RENOVATION – We offer on-call emergency response to immediately replace or repair broken, damaged or inoperable irrigation components. We can install a new irrigation system, rain sensors and rain shut-off devices upon request.